It’s that time :( The dreaded trip to Med Vet

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Well the time has come for the trip to  Med Vet to have Bostons Leg removed..

Here is a wonderful Video of his last time playing before Surgery…

Oh How I worried  About that boy so much.. But I knew he was a fighter a strong willed boy. I guess I was more worried about me If i could handle a three legged dog and do the best for him. I have never owned or foster a three legged dog with so many injures. Can I do this? Yes I can If Boston can do it so can I.

I would help him be the best he could so that when he went to his new home he would be ready.


Here he is 2 days after his surgery ready to come back to me.


I’m back!  and a quick trip to the back yard for a potty break and a quick pet from the neighbor.

Amazing how in 2 days he can adapt this well.. I love this boy! JUst to watch him you learn so much.

He has taught me never to give up.

To trust people, as he does.

To love and share the love with others.














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Some videos & Pictures of Boston.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

At this point Boston is doing pretty darn good with his boot. His pelvis is healing good and the time has come for him to have the leg removed.

The support for this boy is amazing.  Boston is AMAZING he wants to play so bad.

We found he loves his KONG.. Oh boy Oh Boy.

He was allowed out of his kennel a few days before he was to go back to Med Vet.

By now EVERYONE who meet Boston was in love with him. Including me.

A puppy in all ways.. Stubborn Stubborn


Learning from Boston

Having Boston in my home as a foster dog has taught me so many things. Watching all that he went through he still remained “Strong”

He loved unconditionally to both human and canine, he never meant a person or animal he did not “Love”


Chilling with Milly
Out of my bed for a little while
If i pretend I’m asleep I wont have to go back on that wonderful mattress 🙂


His spirit never broke. He just keep going and keep trying.

Here is a little video of his first freedom walk with his boot.

Boston now what?

Now what? I am fostering a 9 month old Collie that must be keep quiet and only allowed out to use bathroom. You can’t crate him even in the biggest crate because of his pelvis.  So what do you do? You go to the mattress store and buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress place a X-pen around it and bolt it to you wall so you have a place where he can see you and rest comfortable. 221 11259018_842201052501476_1014056598_n

His pelvis must be fully healed before his leg can be removed. So off to med Vet we go to get his leg fitted for a special boot so when he walk he will not drag his back leg and make it raw & sore.


In the meantime we do some warm water therapy to help him heal.


One thing we have found out during this time is Boston LOVES kids, any size any age.





The love that this boy has for other dogs and kids is incredible. He cries till they crawl in there with him and snuggle.



This is Boston the day that I brought him home as a “foster dog”.  He was 9 months old and had been hit by a car 3 times in his short life. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him. He was such a strong boy and did not let his injuries keep him down.  A fractured pelvis

This would be the beginning of his 8 weeks of recovery before they needed to amputate his leg.

The day Boston became my foster dog.


The day Boston became my foster dog.
   11121883_10205071402723568_1655423646_n IMG_1421 IMG_1426 IMG951169 

It was never my intention to adopt this Sweetheart of a dog and as our story continues you will learn more of how this came about.